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Shri Baba lal Das
laldas2         Saharanpur had the distinction of having a noble soul like Baba Shri Lal Das on its soil. Baba Lal Das performed his Tapshya in Saharanpur as a result of which Mughal ruler Dara Shikoh had to bow in front of Indian culture. Baba was born in K aloor town near Lahore in Pakistan. The great Tapasvi Shri Chetan Swami was his Guru. After obtaining his education from his Guru, Baba came to Saharanpur and performed Tapshya for hundred years. This place in Saharanpur is famous as Bada Shri Lal Das or LALVADI.
It is situated along thechilkana road four Km to the north Saharanpur bus station.
Shakti Peeth Shakumbari
        Shakti Peeth Shakumbari is situated at a distance of 40 Kilometer to the north of Saharanpur. The Devi temple situated in Shakumbari area dates back to ancient times although there is no concrete historical and archeological evidence. The popularity of this temple has been increasing day by day and lacks of devotees visit this temple for "DARSHAN”. Twice a year i.e. in the month of Ashwin and Chetra the famous Shakumbari mela is organised during the days of Navratra.
        The idols at Shakumbaritemples do notseems to be of a very ancient architecture. Some people beleive that this temple was constructed during the Marathas while other believe that ADI SANKRACHARYA performed his Tapshaya here and these idols were installed by him in this temple. It is said that MAA Shakumbari killed Mahishasur Maha Daitya. About Shakumbari it is also believed that the Devi performed Tap for 100 years having a vegetarian meal only once every month end. During this the Rishi Munis who came for devi's DARSHAN were welcomed and honoured with vegetarian meals. Because of this the temple was named as Shakumbari devi temple. About one kilo meter east of Shakumbari lies the Bhura Dev (BHAIRAV) temple which is considered to be the guard of Shakumbari Devi. Because of this all the devotees to Shakumbari first visit Bhura dev temple.
Shakti Peeth Deoband
        Along The Saharanpur-Muzaffarnagar Highway lies a small town of DEOBAND. Thousands of years back, a very dense forest existed here. Since, this forest served as a residence of Goddess Durga, it came to be known as Devi Van, which was later named as Deoband. According to another belief, since goddess Durga had killed ‘Asur’ Durg here, she was worshipped here by many ‘DEVTAS’ (Gods). It is because of this Devi-Vandan, this place got its present name.
        To the east of Deoband lies a large ancient lake, which is widely, know as Devi-Kund. It is said that Devi Dugra had killed the Maha Asur Durg at this kund only. A temple of Bala Sundari has been built near this Devi Kund in the memory of the above event, which is a famous center for the worshippers of goddess Durga. A naked statute of goddess Durga exists here. This temple belongs to ancient times and this is proved by the fact that the inscriptions engraved on the door of the temple have not been deciphered till now. Every year a large festival (mela) is organized here in Chaitra Shukla Chaturdasi. Innumerable devotees throng this place to take a dip in the holy waters of this Kund and worship goddess Durga. People believe that Devi of Deoband and Shakumbari are sisters. Devi Kund and the Bala Sundari temple of Deoband are considered as one of the two Shakti Peeths of Saharanpur.
Guggha Veer/Gughal
        Guggha Veer or Ghughal has a great importance in Saharanpur Districts. It is also known, as Jahar Deewan Guggha peer is a religious place situated along the Gangoh road 5KM to the south west of Saharanpur. It is said that the King of Patan (Rajshthan) Raja Kunwar Pal Singh had two daughters Vachhal and Kachhal after marriage Vachhal provided dedicated worship to Guru Gorakhnath to be blessed with a son. But When Guru was providing blessing Kachhal reached there and obtained Guru blessing for two sons, which was, actually meant for Bachhal. Guru Gorakhnath realized this and later gave is blessing to Vachhal in the form of a son Gugghal with the condition that Ghugghal would kill the sons obtained by Kachhal as a result of Guru blessing. Ghugghal was highly disappointed with this and he went to the forest for Tapshya. Guru Gorakhnath was pleased with his Tapshya and blessed him as a Veer. This place latter came to be known as Ghggha veer ki Marhi since then every year at the time of Shukla Paksh Dashmi in the month of Bhado a large festival (mela) is organized here which is a symbol of Hindu Muslim unity. This festival is popularly known as Mela Ghughal.
Nau Gaza Peer
        Among the different Peer existing in this region Nau Gaza has a unique identity. It has 26 feet long ‘Mazaar’. The most peculiar features of this Mazaar is that every time this Mazzar is measured it appeared to be of a different size. The Mazaars of the Nau Gaza exists at Gagalheri and Baliakheri. Outside Saharanpur these Mazar exist sat Mangalore Town(District Haridwar), Meerut and Bareilly also.
        There is different versions about Nau Gaza. Some Muslim say that during Musa Ale Salam, The height of a man used to be around 26 feet and these Mazar have been built around that time. According the some Hindu scholars in ancient times there existed some saints who could read peoples mind with in 9 Yards distance. Hence they were known as Nau Gaza. Whatever the reason may be, nau Gaza Peer has a great religious significance in Saharanpur. Every year a large festival (mela) is organized here and thousands of hinds and Muslims visits this place for worship.