Tourist Places

Bhura Dev mandir
Baba Bhuradev Temple

This temple is nearly 1 km before the Shakumbhari Devi Temple. This is located on the road, which is the…

Shakumbhari Devi
Shakumbhari Devi Temple

Shakti Peeth Shakumbhri, meaning the abode of Shakti Goddess Shakambhari or Shakumbhri, is situated in the Jasmour village area, at…

Bala Sundri Mata Mandir
Bala Sundari Devi Temple

Bala Sundari Devi Temple is located in Deoband, which is a tehsil of Saharanpur district and is situated on the…

Naugaja peer saharanpur
Naugaja Peer

Nau Gaza Peer:A Religious spot Located at nearly 9 KM from the main city this place is free form the…

Darual Uloom
DarUL Uloom Deoband

The Darul Uloom Deoband is  an Islamic school in India where the Deobandi Islamic movement began. It is located at…